The Inside Story


Im crying inside, im dying inside

      the pain im trying to hide.

  Im trying inside, i have no pride

     i keep no love

  A mistake from the start;

  born with a broken heart,

  no replacement parts.

Only learned to run away when things got hard.

  99 Problems; Found no solutions

  Living in a world full of pollution

  Hasnt anyone heard of contribution??

Hell hath no fury like an unloved child

wondering why shes out, running wild.

She gets no love & Feels all pain

 Tears keep going like a runaway train.

      Easily judged

      Easily disliked

 # 1 Motto is to fight or flight

A box cutter in one hand & blood in the other.

So called “Family” cant understand how to accept and

      love one another.

  A work-aholic mother and an military dad. Always feeling alone; Really drives her mad. All she ever needed was their love and        support

Now shes in trouble devil high deep. Girl cant even stand on her own feet, So she kneels and weaps.

     Then pain never sleeps.

 She cries out when will she have peace??!!

 The Devil replies she isnt done with her lease.

   She sets out in search of a hero, and finds a total of zero. A safe haven to go to she has no. Best believe shes done the math,

she has no path.

   If god dosent make mistakes shes his first. To place her on this world, was the worst. To keep her head up & ignore negativity is the advice she receives but thats bull and she knows it.

   She put “Love” to the test. It ended in beautiful chaos. But as she predicted she is once again abandoned, not surprising, but it still hurts. No one to trust no one to love who will love with loyalty & honesty. This is her inside story and its still being written.



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the devil's objective is steal, kill, & destroy

The Lord's objective is to love and be merciful

well said

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