No longer “Milk’s Favorite Cookie”--

nor the dual chocolate discs with the snowy white filling,

nor the prestigious treat adored among millions


It is no longer a coveted treat--

black on the outside, white on the inside,

who knew a soul could have a color, a race, an ethnicity…

the Oreo is derogatory  


my characteristics

my mannerisms,

With each strand of curly hair I straighten and the environment I was raised in;

an articulate accent

an un-pigmented playlist

the Oreo is stereotyped


as sour as expired milk,

“Oreo” leaves bitterness each time it twirls off a tongue;

both sides of the coin are felons of judgment,

fueling oppression, condemning conformity  

the Oreo is offensive


My ancestors didn’t fight for this--

nor Martin,

nor Malcolm

the Oreo is regression


Society will not define me by its own standards--

I refuse to conform to its obtuse opinions;

the cookie will always be the craved snack by my Father

Oreo is not my name


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