Inside The Incredible Mind Of A Child (A POV)

I’m a pirate. No, I’m a teacher.

“Okay Teddy, turn to page 4 of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

“What's that teddy? There's something outside my door? A creepy Creature?”

“Good thing I’m a creepy creature killer!”

“I will slay the beast my paper towel roll?”

“Don't fret Teddy, tis not just any paper towel roll.”

“It’s a machine gun, a hand grenade and a sword I named killer.”

“It’s my microphone when I host my game shows! And yourrrr up, come on down Mr. Ted Troll!”

“It’s a map when I’m lost in the woods of unfamiliar.”

The creepy creature is dead!

“Okay Mr. Teddy! Read the first sentence!”

In a very beary voice Teddy read:

“On monday he ate through one apple.”

“Thank you Teddy.” “OH NO I forgot to take attendance.”

“Being a teacher is hard. I want to be Johnny Seed apple! I think that's his name?”

“Mom do I have to go to bed? I want to write a new declaration of inattendance?”

Being a kid is exhausting, everyday is a new adventure, each is never the same.

“Good night Teddy.”


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