Inside her (clinical child pyschology)


The beginning or the story starts dark,

In a small tight space, and a hot wet place.

Feelings of pain from her heart, i dont know why

but i have always known this women from the start.

She never seems happy and always seems sad, i dont

know what is causing my women to feel so bad.

What hurts her today, hurts her tommorow, and the next.

Never a happy feeling, some times i wonder if there is feeling left.

This space is tight but i manage to move, i do not know which way

i just know i will get out of here and help her.

Who is she? i do not know, but i love her.

Is that wrong? does she love me back?

Will she be hurt again is she does love me back?

She never speaks to me but i will speak to her.

Today i moved really slow at first, and then it was a blur.

I am free, but i do not like this

Where is my woman, we have to fight this

I heard them say my woman, my mother, had an issue

She was chronically depressed, well mother i can fix you.

So your name is mother, but i still can not reach you

They said i could make your condition worst and that i should go away

To a happy place because my illness could worsen yours.

The child pyschologist will fix me and one will fix you

I hope we both get well for we can reunite soon.

The nice pyschologist evaluate me and compares me to other infants.

She said that Mothers mental disorder and her physical abuse hurt my mind,

She said that learning would be hard for me all of the time.

That i would be less happy than the other children, but why?

The clinical child psychologists will change my life, and answer my questions.

Hopefully i can grow up and be just like them.



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