I’m not good at saying how I feel, but

give me a pen and paper and you can

know it all. Trust is hard topic for me

to believe and even harder for me to

give to others. Words when said can’t

always be taken the right way, but

when written they are how they appear.

I get nervous when speaking to people;

I lose my thoughts and the words I want

to say. But, writing allows for erasing,

scratching, and crossing out your words

until you find the right ones. They say

everyone has comfort zones where they

aren’t afraid to be themselves anymore.

For me a piece of paper and a writing

device is my comfort zone. Not afraid

to say what I think or how I feel;

everything can be found between the

lines. So here is your first clue to who

I am; “Hi, my name is John. What is yours?”


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