This is a hard to touch topic
Without feeling so many emotions
And so many hatred towards society

Society makes us .
Makes who we are on the
Outside and the inside
It tells us who were suppose to
Be like and act like

It tells us who we can love
And who we can't

It has molded us into cruel
Human beings who judge
All the books in the world
Without no cause

Who are we to judge each other
When we all have flaws
When we all have imperfections

And why must I not be happy with my image because I'm not you

Why must I be ridiculed because I feel happy with my significant other

Why can't I be myself and be accepted

I deserve it
And so do you
So do all of us

Society created us in a different way and taught us differently

It taught us how to hurt feelings and kill people with our words

It taught us that to be accepted we all have to be equal ..


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