Innovation Within



Life consists of a complex feel. As I lay in my bed, surrounded by darkness’ seel, my soul ponders on ways to live.


Why is Life so important if it’s only here for a certain amount of years?


There’s been times in my life where I felt down, defeated by a demon wearing victory’s crown. But if I take my own misery away, I’m destined to find myself in Hades’ town.

Yet my soul remained. Those dismal moments caused me to think:


How much from Life can actually be restrained?


Life is like a roller-coaster. Once you reach that state of euphoria, your happiness starts to fade away. And as Happiness begins to delay, your soul comes to your aid, which concludes your life’s retrograde.


Life without a soul is empty.


Your soul soothes you once the demons of life becomes too tempting.


But your soul without a life remains intact.


And you will always stand victorious despite Life’s impact.

Life may repeat, but your soul ensures that you reign at Life’s feet as it deludes within its own defeat.

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