Innocent Bystander


I see you there,

walking alone in these bustling high school halls.

Head hung low

every fiber of your being desperately trying to stay hidden.

"If I can just avoid them and stay under their radar,

maybe it will be a good day".

Your self worth evaporated like water

with their awful taunts and words.

Why haven't I spoken to you before?

We've shared a class together since the seventh grade.

You've stood infront of me in the lunch line countless times.

I see the way they treat you;

please know it wrenches my heart to see what they do.

But WHY haven't I said something?

How much longer will I let this go on?

Am I forever destined to be an "innocent" bystander?

To be okay with hate;

an advocate for causing others pain?


I refuse to sit back and watch.

I will stand with you,

even if we stand alone.

Because deep down I truly know

that there is no such thing as an innocent bystander.







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