Innocent Beauty


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Infants, toddlers, new-borns

*Cutest wittle cheeks I’ve ever seen!*



They were the last two of the sweetest and most ripe apples

From the tree whose roots lay the foundation of mankind

And reincarnated into the stitches of

Calcium phosphate that make the human zygomatic bone.

Their rose-petal stained cheeks

The gaps in between their teeth…

Exposed to this cruel world when they can’t explain or fathom why daddy’s face

Pours ingredients in our empty hearts that create our innocence

Careful not to confuse it with the monsters that swim in our skin and veins

They laugh. All. The. Time.

These monsters grew up with me

Clawing their way out of the deepest and darkest

Crevice of my occipital lobe

My nightmares of him were once innocent dreams, too.



Are fed

Are taught

They grow and

They take and

You give until


They are consumed by the

Materialistic, socially constructed and conformed

Ideology that, “the-more-you-have-the-better,” “The-less-you-wear-the-better” motto

Produced and widely-spread by

Those same exact babies that once were innocent

To the girls of our generation

Wanting to BE women because of

“That’s what HE likes” type of thinking that

Hang on our palatine uvula for dear life

When we are on our knees

Staring at the chunks from our dinner,

Whirlpooling to a lost swamp that is known for

Lost insecurities and lost dreams.



Are fed

Are taught

They grow and

They take and

WE give until


Every chunk from our dry-heave

A puzzle piece of our innocence like

When we had a car toy sale and no one came

Except our neighbor because he felt bad, but I

SURE did earn my first quarter that day,

Is foolishly given until

We watch our drowning innocence

Take its last look at our pale clammy faces

It’s gone.


We were taught the tricks of how to get that

One boy to like us

How to have safe sex

And how not to get caught


BUT we were never taught to love ourselves

Because our society is constantly teaching use how to change

“Use this mascara to maximize eyelash length”

“Problems with wrinkles? Ask your doctor about this!”

“Use this, use that, use this, use that, USE this, USE that.”


Our genetic makeup has become commercial makeup

We are walking brushes, creams, hair products & palettes

That feed the monsters in our skin and veins

That deprives us of oxygen

We are killing ourselves so

When will we stop teaching beauty?


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