The strand of pearls slipped off her
Neck and slowly made way to the floor
The pulse in her head the voice in her
Mind not to scream nor to yell
The innocence of he adolescent
Heart and mind tainted
You deserved it you asked for
It keep your head low and
Do not look upShe flailed about in attempts
To get free only
The attempts made her confine
Grow smaller
A realization hit she could
Not escape the dark abyss
She cornered her self away
In a long forgotten place
And soon she was nothingThey had blamed her it was her
Fault none others
The force of the confine held her
Silent never to talk
Soon her voice dissipated
Silent, scared, and hurt beyond
Repair she wants to be free
And to say what had been doneIf only they heard, oh, if only
They had listened
She’d be here. Without hesitation
You pushed her in a hole
One you knew she could not
Escape from and you
Not evicted about
If only everyone realized it
Was not her fault

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