Inner Strength



The blue sky 

With wraped clouds 

The majestic dacing trees 

The rambling roads 

They all tell me 

Set yourself free of worries 

& let’s get ready to roll

You have lots to see 

Many hills to climb 

Many trails to go 

The path has twist and turn

They will be hard but it’s gonna makes you more daring

Still many mountains to conquer 

The rain splashes 

The fluttering leaves 

The hazy breeze 

The chirping birds 

They all tell me

You have much to see

Many rivers to swim 

Many storm to face 

Many oceans yet to cross 

The road is long & harsh 

But they all tell me flow with us

The whole universe is serving you.

So let’s put your sail in position 

And wind will be fair with you. 

Let’s go mountaineer

Let’s reach the destiny !!


By Arooj Devi. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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