The Inner Monologue

I wonder sometimes do I want you too much


But then, is there such a thing

Is there a method to measure

how much or how little

I'm supposed to

want to

need to

be near you


Sometimes my emotions get so strong

that a feeling of empty invades me


That's why I type in betraying characters

barely containing my desire to grasp your body

That's why I catch myself staring into your eyes

wanting to hold onto the light in your soul

You awaken infernos in my spirit

Igniting trails to my smile


But i wonder, do I smile too much

for no reason

when I'm around you


So i unconsciously tilt my face

turn my head

place my hand over smirking lips

to hide the butterfly patterns

splattered in the creases of not yet formed

smile lines


Because my pride would die

if for a moment you caught me

in my own personal fantasy


where you and I could lay forever

never having to move

just love making, constantly

and peaceful unmoving sleep

your arms around my wonton limbs

your warm lips on my too-on-fire skin

completely and irreversibly entangled in each other


Until you holding onto me


and me holding onto you


We become one being

sharing two bodies


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