Inner Casualty

Wed, 06/17/2015 - 00:00 -- kemi09

Late nights
Early mornings
that's when I feel it most.
I can deal with the time in between,
usually I'm throwing up or writing poetry or rocking myself back and forth.
I try to keep busy
so ya know
I won't need to think about it too much.
Because it's clear you aren't and I can take a hint baby.
I watch "The Game" constantly because I realized I am or I relate to Melanie Barnett.
But it's difficult to watch because I know how it ends; girl runs back to guy, guy and girl work out their issues and they live happily ever after.
Unfortunately for me I don't know if there's a happily ever after in my book
or at least the chapter that includes you.
You never check on me...that stings
like a sting Ray I'm drowning. Ray I'm drowning.
And as I sink deeper into the abyss
I see
I see you at the surface
Laughing with your friends
Walking past without as much as a glance in the water
Moving on so smoothly, effortlessly, involuntarily.
I'm drowning in my love
care...or your lack thereof.
But as long as you're happy, that's all that matters right.

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