Like ink stains paper,

So does memories of the heart

I wonder what colors have stained mine?


Red; burning passion

fired by the childhood dreams

That someday

My writing might inspire another child

To do the same.


Green; the color of earth

The color of traveling on foreign soils

And the bright curious green

Of other cultures

That I long to explore and discover.


Off white; the crinkled

Freshly printed

Pages of a book,

Which takes me

To faraway lands,

New adventures,

And lead me to discover new things

About myself and the world.


Blue; true blue

As true as the friends I've made

Some lost, others gained

And sometimes regained,

But all have given me

The companionship

I needed

To learn to be



Brown; reminiscent of roots

Roots such as my family

Who have taught me

How to learn

How to grow

And how to love.


Pink; generally a romantic color

But means much more

Than the skin-deep hues

Not just love

But love for humanity


The hope that drives humanity

And the desire to spread it

Fills my veins.


And perhaps

Most fully,

Yellow; pure joy

The joy of writing,

The joy of reading,

The joy of meeting

Unique people

Everywhere I go.


The joy brought by friends

The joy brought by family

And the kindness I see in others.


But mostly

It is the joy from


The God

That gave me life

And inks my heart with the beautiful colors of the rainbow

Every day.




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