Ink of a Pen

Spouted like a waterfall

Thoughts are spilled upon a page

Caressing opaque blankness 

Forming a line, a dream, a beginning

Drops of dark tears posess my feelings

Universe of emptiness now full

Dancing across is everything

Dear to the world

Sometimes, there is sharpness

Painful to those who chose wrong

Bringing hope to those who see

Slowly, gently shaping a person

Ther person who wishes

The person who understands



Annette M Velasquez

Though short, and not a complex poem, the tone and meaning of this is very powerful and impacting. I believe you have described the importance of poetry- as affirmation, expression, a route to self- knowledge, therapeutic, empowering, and so much more. I think also that you have described pain, but hope, healing, transformation- this is intense!

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