Dear injuerd self,



They see the agony in my eyes,

But know I will not give up.


With every stroke my heart jumps a beat,

the water turns eerie,

and my muscles turn to stone,


Yet I continue.


They ask me how I’m feeling

while I just rest there, frozen in time.


However, the clock reaches the top, and I continue yet again.


Swimming should never be about pain,

but the pain is like a scorching knife pressed against my body


The rippling water feels warmer than ever.

my strokes get sloppier

while my feet just stop.


They endure a sharp pain like their being stabbed and torn apart

Like a scarecrow who lost his straw

They get a burning sensation, and turn numb and uncontrollable.


I’m fighting myself to continue, and feel like a pebble against a boulder,

But I put on that same smile, and continue, I do.


Because I am a tidal wave in an ocean of only ripples!


This poem is about: 



This poem was inspired because of everyday experiences I have to endure. Through complex regional pain syndrome, stress fractures, tendonitis, etc. And over thirty different remedies to try to heal my ankles, with no success, I knew I had to try to express my feelings and emotions in a powerful way, so that other people could understand too.

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