Inhumane Human

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 12:52 -- bmernst

Your inhumane remarks make me quiver.

When I give you Time,

You destroy it,

Dangling your words into a blur of explosions directed solely at me.


Women have rights,

You digress.

Blacks have equality,

You digress.


When you whisper,

I quiet,

When you shout,

I whisper.


I suck at the last drop of humanity laced within your blood,

I make myself die inside to see if you have anything inside at all,

I pull the sword from the stone because you’re not worthy,

And I place my hands on your heart and hear the tiny beat.





Darkness lies in front of your eyes.


I pull my tongue away from the sweet taste,

Live to see the Nothing inside,

Strike the sword with guilt,

And rest my hand upon your heart to hear its last beat.




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