Inhale: Exhale

To love and to be loved,

On an everyday basis,

To go beyond the expected,

To be a light reflected,

On all of the nations.


To attain a certain hope,

That overwhelms ourselves,

We want to embrace,

And display God’s grace,

As He has shown to us.


But we give up too soon,

Like a child learning to swim,

We take a deep breath,

Stare into the eyes of death,

And swim back to the surface.


We must learn to breathe,

The air of love and mercy

Inhale and seek to aspire,

To be as those who inspire,

You to persevere through all.


We must practice and master,

The art of breathing love,

To inhale deeply God’s grace,

Only to respire it every place,

That the wind carries it to.


Meditate on God’s word,

Day in and day out,

Until God’s love becomes air,

As constant as our prayer,

And necessary to life itself.



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