Inhale the Blessings

Balloons go up in the air

A simple smile and a hello

Faith to keep on flying fair

Hope to keep heads up today

Come home, get together, pray

Sing with the birds, my sunshine

Love one that keeps heart mellow

1,2,3, keep on walking, there we go


Pride is when we all are together

Striving toward our goal everyday

Fighting uphill battles with a feather

And when feeling down, dancing on May

When in madness, paint it all red and HEY

A smile that can take you to the clouds above

Strum all the guitar strings, learn a song Shay

Making a difference is a lot like love


Oh, Tomorrow you are behind the trees, the moon

For one is ready to see surprise like Spring

Well, how exhilarating to not know what is too soon

Echo it through the woods and let it sing, sing

Echo it through the ocean and let it ring, ring

This journey that will print a biography in black ink

But not one in advance, we are not Mr. King

The path that extends, beware the ship can sink


Let the rain fall because that’s how we walk

The smell of autumn like peppermint brings memories

Ready to listen like Spring and grab a chalk, chalk

Open the door to see what it holds, unlock the keys, keys

A little wave, smile, or hug from the ocean breeze

Open your hands grab a little sunshine and give it away

Let the music beat- beat – beat in your mind to seas

Walk with that song and let it go and say hey, hey, hey


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