Inhabitants Of The World

My brothers and sisters,
We are one family
Let us love one another
No more prejudice
It is time to abandon racism
Stop fighting among yourselves
End the bloodshed now

Inhabitants of the world,
Let us live in peace and unity
Treasure human life,
For we have a short lifespan
Do not cause suffering
Let no one hunger or thirst
Show concern for one another

All people should be friends
Country does not matter
The earth is for everyone
Nobody is an alien
We are members of the human race
Why do we build boundaries?
Is it to secure a burial ground?

We are the inhabitants of the world
The earth is our place of birth
Clean up the environment
Let us desist from polluting it
We are destroying ourselves
Do not look to the sky for help
No one is going to save us

Why are we cynical about each other?
How long will we be enemies?
When will we no longer fear others?
Does history not tell us anything?
What is wrong with mankind?
Can we improve relations between us?
Is this the kind of world we want?

We need love, not deadly weapons
If we want to see the future,
We have to learn to love
Hated and death go together
Love is the door to eternal life,
So welcome all shades of people
And love them without hypocrisy

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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