I walked ruthlessly through the hall with a slight ringing in my ears

It was as if I was being pushed and pushed to meet my final destination

My muse, my mentor was reaching near

I could not stand it for another minute, being so close to the thing that drove me to this place


I never thought I would be this close to it

I never thought I would have the chance to meet it

An image that captivated my every dream and pushed me to be where I am at this moment

I had never felt anything like this, such an electricity with an inanimate object


As I was reaching the end of the hall the ringing grew deafening

Every color around me fainted grey and all I could see was the beauty in front of me

I finally saw it, the pure delicacy of the cool tones mixed together, dancing an intricate dance

There was a state of euphoria instilled in me that could not be whisked away


I had at last met my match with these water lilies

And I don’t think anything else has persuaded me to this day as that painting has

to travel miles and come close with new opportunities, as these lilies have.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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