The Influence

I sit here thinking of others,

Many of whom I’ve met

Many of those whom I’ve met became successful

They have dedicated their life to success

They carry their torches high,

Proud to be who they have become

They have broken down the walls that stand in their way

That challenges them.


It’s almost like they know no wall will ever stop them

It makes me think,

If they can do it,

I can do it.


I idolize them,

But yet I do not want to be them

I yearn to be a different type of success

I yearn to be myself,

And raise my torch higher than I thought I could ever raise it

Higher than anyone else thought I could.


They can raise their torches high,

But I am determined to raise mine higher

I feed on motivation

I am run on ambition

I am influenced by success.


I have reached my full potential and it is limitless

Now it’s time to use it

And raise my torches higher and higher

Step by step.


The influence that sparks other’s torches’,

Is dumping a gallon of gasoline on mine,

Introducing me to a foreign success,

That I cannot judge what it might be.


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