Infinity Plus

There is no language in the world that has the words to

describe my love for you, but this poem is a start.


Marriage does not define our love,

our love means more than the societal standard and

heteronormative law made to benefit a man.

Our love means more than a contract on a piece of

paper that only a state or country decides is acceptable.


To me you are exceptional.






In a sea full of galaxies, it is you I am pulled to.

It is you that reminds me to enjoy every second of life.

It is you that makes me laugh and smile till my cheeks hurt.

It is you feeding me by hand gently.

It is you making sure to not miss a spot on my face to kiss.

It is you I share inside jokes with like “ok”, “antique”, “bread and lettuce”, “21”,

“olive juice”, “local tax”, and so on.

It is you who has the voice of a literal angel and who sings so sweetly to me…

which is why it is you who has my heart. 


Our love is bound by our mind, body, and soul.

A love so strong, it pulls us together from across the globe

like two magnets unable to resist the connection we have.

I love you to the end of this universe and back,

infinity plus. 



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