Infinity man

Sun, 03/06/2016 - 16:48 -- LYonan

Let me tell ya

For everyday of the week I have this tradition

And do you want to know what that is?

For every Monday I wish for Friday

To dream of Saturday

And dread Sunday

all in all to start again next week.

But for today

this Thursday on September seventeenth

as I write this very poem down

I'm going to break this tradition because there is no way in hell I want this week to end

because I have this curse

From a phone call granted to me by my fairy god uncle

That I have the ability to see the future next week.

One person will be leaving next week.

One person will only have seven sunsets to see and seven moons to dream.

One person will see his seven children for the last time.

One person will see me one last time

and I know this person.

He is my grandfather.

Today might be my last time I see him

and I better make it good because even though these might be our last moments together,

then how come it's our last seconds that holds the greatest impact lasting forever?

He granted me an eternal blessing

Just twelve weeks ago at my cousin's wedding, he looked at us with his clouded eyes and wished us love and bliss for all eternity.

He has a curse too

He can wish eternity for all but

Not for himself.

I love you Infinity man


This poem is about: 
My family


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