I see em

Puffin on the marihuana 

Turning over the empty bottles 

of vodka 

trying to conquer 

the pain 

And the many tears brought

as  days turn to months

and months turn to years

even though times get cloudy the message is still clear

wishing you were still here

cause at times 

i can still hear 

from a distance your voice in my ear

Saying to aim high

As your hands reach my face wiping tears from my eyes

Saying you can't cry

Cause why?

Contrary to the belief about being deceased 

No one truly ever dies

deep down inside their life can strive 

if we just remember the times then their presence is still alive.

Can't blame God

for taking you. 

Can only thank God for making you.

It's up to us to use that time embracing you or hating you

cause once you're gone you're gone

It's an unfortunate blatant truth 

"Gone Too Soon" is what the tee shirts read

As we look around the room heard the preacher plead

"If you can't get it right for me, get it right for Lee"


Siting in wonder

as the undertaker takes ya

to your final destination I'm 

contemplating will we ever recieve an explanation 

of what altercations lead to your ultimate detonation?

It's devastating.

Suffering from sleep deprivation because

whenever my eyes seem to close you are who I see 

in my dreams asking me how can a murdered man rest in peace?

Trayvon getting justice. So what about me?

Times have passed but did we forget about Lee?

We say R.I.P. but is it really a rest of peace?

We ask for answer but questions neglected.

Seems the ones who are supposed to protect us are the most ccorrupted but 

in God we trust so we'll trust God for justice...

I said

The ones who are supposed to protect are the most corrupt &

in God we trust so we'll trust God for justice


If you can't live physically then spiritually you'll live in me

My inner Lee.

1985 to infinity.

1985 to infinity.


Remember me






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