Infecting Minds


Like every other day

there she is again

With her baggy eyes, and her cigarrette breath. 

She begins lecture in her most monotone voice

Giving sarcastic remarks to inquiring minds-

Raining cloud above her head, "please turn to butterflies"

I pray. 


One by one in their chairs they fall 

victims to her infectious negative emotions 

No one wants to learn. No one cares about school. 

They all share similar long dismal faces 

I can feel it taking over. 

"Oh how I just loathe every second she prolongs class" 

I say.


No, this cant be. I like school, I like learning. 

She proceeds to hand out work. 

I think its chinese, cause I sure as shit dont know what that is

It's useless work for our entertainment

and her liberation.


She sat at her desk the rest of the day. 

Not once did she get up, except to smoke cigarettes. 

I went home, once again, brainwashed with ignorance. 



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