Infatuation On Himalayan Hills

We met each other first time
while on a trekking expedition
on wonderful Himalayan hills
our base camp was in the middle
of the valley surrounded by
lush green alpine and snowy peaks
so shy and shamefaced she was
but very adventurous and excited
during the expedition I began to feel that
slowly but surely
we were coming close to each other
she looked simple and natural
her naïve and candid smile
made a deep impact in my heart
seeing her ineffable charm and beauty
flora-fauna would also feel jealousy
curly and silken hair would often
make me feel flying in the dark clouds
her presence around me
would always create a torrid zone
close no matter how far
we had deep love and affection
for each other till the end of the expedition
we climbed together
we walked together
we breathed together and
we loved together
as if were made for each other
we could not breathe without each other
one very chilled night
she hugged me very tightly
I saw her eyes
shedding tears of emotion and separation
because it was our
last day of expedition
very next morning we left
and we separated from each other
never to meet again
as she left for higher studies
out of the country
but her sweet and melodious memories
left indelible impressions
very deep in my heart
and sowed seeds of intimate relationship
between two souls
that shall remain in my heart
forever and ever

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