Infamous Footwear

If I had only worn sneakers...

I would have made it 

Down those stairs.

Traipsed through the woods,

My "prince" caught unawares.

I would have returned home,

My beautiful carriage still a fruit. 

My mice still just mice;

My stepmother still in our heated dispute.

But the magic wooed me, it enchanted my eyes. 

The woman flicked her wand;

And there are the skies

Caught in a dress, so fine, so elegant.

And glass slippers adorned my feet.

Fragile yet daring

An impractical yet welcome treat.

A dazzling arrangement,

My mind wandered on

To thoughts of ball gowns, of dancing...

Of him.

The prince, the legend, the most charming man. 

It was a pipe dream, a fantasy to me

For a man like him to love a serving girl

Whose place is pouring tea. 

But when we danced,

The heavens aligned. 

My heart soared abounding-

Then Fate returned with my agreement signed. 

The clock struck twelve,

The illusion is broken. 

I ran away from my true self,

The words between Charming and I left unspoken.

If I had only worn sneakers...

My shoe would not have fallen.

But the slipper did to which a slipper is callin'. 

The prince would not have found the fragile thing,

Nor called upon the kingdom for a girl.

I would not have been discovered, a diamond in the rough,

The prince's "shining pearl".

Nor would I have explained

How I came to be at the ball.

For now I sit within a cell,

A white room with a padded wall.

You see, when one explains

That one can speak to mice,

Psychologists prefer to say

That one's brain is short a slice.

When one tells a prince that one's carriage

Was once a pumpkin,

That prince tends to believe 

That one is a crazy country bumpkin.

So here I sit alone, the irony not lost on me

As I listen to the ticking of a clock.

But I hear that tomorrow something promising's in store,

I've been told it can be quite a shock.

If I had only worn sneakers...


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