Infamous and Famous - We Are Enemies No Longer

Thu, 10/25/2018 - 16:16 -- andi053

It comes from a place no one knows.


Coursing through my soul,

Onto causing destruction that does not show.

Nagging and dragging,

Quaking my resolve and fostering doubt.

Undoing my dreams.

Especially my dreams!

Removing any self-confidence and replacing it with self-doubt.

Ensuring failure,

Definitely failure.


Infamous it is,


Fallible as well.

Ensuring my courage was built,

Adding strength to my soul to prove them wrong.

Resurrecting the courage to trample it,

Ensuring it does not fester.

Decisive in that it has no hold on me.


Building strength with confidence.

Unfolding my inner goddess.

Transforming me into a phoenix.


Searing those with no faith in me,

Telling them I will make my way.

In persistence and onto greater things,

Learning from my past and making change.

Learning that although you course through me every day,


I am not feeble and I can overcome all.


Casting respect to you for giving me strength in the end.

Lasting thanks to you for influencing me.

Infinite you stay with me if only for reminders.

Many may have you Fear,

But you made me rise and for that I thank you.

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Ayasha Gordon


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