The Inevitable

Fri, 04/17/2020 - 01:29 -- Aegis

So, then, how do we…


How do we move on? 


Is there some point in time I was supposed to label this a mistake?


This whole thing, this whole history?


Was it doomed before it began?


I guess it was.


So, what? We just, we let it - go?


Is that what I am supposed to do?


Oh, oh boy.


I should’ve known it was too good to last. 


Eventually you would see me. 


Eventually your pure eyes would see my filth


Eventually I would wake up-


Car gone, fines everywhere,


House destroyed, friends in flames,


And my heart alone. 


Eventually you’d learn.


And I can’t blame you. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to…


You just said to trust you, you said to believe


I tried so hard for so long and








And when it


When you were gone.  .  .   .   .


It hurt.




It’s been a while-


A long while,


It’s been so long since we spoke.


And I can already feel your unease. .




Maybe it’s just mine. Heh.


I know, I know I’m different,


I mean,


Look at me, I’m a little worse for wear.


I have these, 




these new lives. This whole world!




Of course, it’s unexplored-


And I’ve just been procrastinating.


And yeah my belt is a little tighter…


But hey! It’s so, 




so terrifying, to see you again.


You know the last time I saw you, you were walking to a guys’ place?


I knew who it was.


not that it matters, I’m just the crazy one.




but, it mattered to me.




It hit me then, what I’ve been trying to drown out ever since.


I want it to be you.
















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