The Inescapable Truth of a Hellish World


I live in my bubble.

Clear walls, roof, and floor.

Clean world and clean life.

A nice place to live forevermore.


A clear home so I can see

every danger from on top.

The spikes and thorns and blades,

that desperately want my bubble to pop!


But the other bubbles

are the worst danger of all!

Don't trust these ugly threats!

Don't even try these crystal balls!


They'll want your trust.

And they'll want all your love.

Maybe they'll share in your home.

But then when all been given of...


But once you share your everything and your heart,

the World will turn on your home.

The World will reach out

to break your perfect crystalline dome.


As the walls shatter apart,

all you can do is fall.

Fall and plummet to Earth,

with no hope at all!


When you wake from the fall,

you see everything severed apart.

The World has busted up

your only home and your heart.


Then Truth will stand before you

with the secret you knew all along,

"Alone is better,

and together is wrong."


I live in my bubble.

Shattered walls, roof, and floor.

Broken world, broken heart.

Not a place to be alive anymore.




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