On Inequality

And all at once,every cell in its crimson tributary 

thronged to my aching heart. 

My chest swelled with the anxiety of a hundred fizzing bottlecaps,

fervently awaiting thier emancipation. 

I could feel my emaciated insides 


wringing the life out of me,

soaking up my sweaty, confounded fear as I contorted violently on the curb amid broken bottles

and torn candy wrappers. 

I winced,

my bloodshot eyes purging wells of desperation, 

my lips trembling whispers of contempt,

of sorrow,

and of pain. 


A shiny leather loafer crushed my lifeless fingers as thier like had done a thousand times,

a thousand hammers pounding me numb from the inside out. 

A shiny leather loafer crushed my lifeless fingers.

And kept walking.





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