Everywhere I turn, it’s like watching robots walk down the street… Staring… Watching scene by scene as they all walk in sync constantly connected by strings… And all their brains are being triggered by ONLY ONE THING… sin. Everyone wants to be part of a crowd Not wanting to stand out but fit in and keep their voices down. And I always think … how? How could you not see that you just blew away every glorious thin you we meant to be? And now look at who you are! A follower… a creation already created… like a statement constantly restated You were born with eyes to see, yet you are blinder than a person born with no view of beauty. Maybe it started with fear… or depression… followed by the strange obsession to be someone you’re not… I say to your fear, never let ANYONE’S words get in the way of what God has destined you to be. Your life is a definition of His Grace, not by man’s opinion. My goal is not to change who you are, but the way you think. Thoughts take over your body, decaying your originality. We are all individualized as individuals. And there is more to you than what meets the eye. Your were made to be original. To be beautiful. No different than a horse, or a flower, or a bee. Only that you’re a human being… made to be here. Once you see that you are NOT the person standing next to you, you will see what I see. Look deep inside to see the true you The one you were created to be… Originally….

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