Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All


Photos on the internet

Depicting things red, white and blue

America the free, America the brave

Our country's the best

At least that's what they say


Another boy on the streets,

Blood pouring from his wrists

He can't love the one he wants

He's already going to hell

You can clearly change a heart


The bathtub scarlet

The drain a mess

Her amber hair flows beneath the surface

She believed nobody could care less


Our children are dropping one by one

People wander this earth

But when a child is murdered

The life escapes from his eyes

His disorders are bullshit

He isn't a human

Hang him

Kill him

Destroy him

Oh, we're saints


Has it really come down to the pigment in our skin?

Have so many years passed,

And we honestly still do not get it?

Half an entire century

Our intelligence decreases

The SAT scores are going down for sure

No, we still slander anybody that isn't a sheet of paper

Not a color of heaven


I'm pretty damn sure Jesus wasn't paper


Bruises mottle his face

His neck, his back, his arms

He's a wimp, a bitch

Because he's still in love

Don't ever hurt a woman

But you're weak if you stand by

As you watch the love of your life

Deteriorate into a heartless machine before your eyes


The blue above our sky


We believe heaven to be up there

But we continuously pollute it

Black and brown billowing through the air

The blue fades beneath the coming clouds

But Instagram just got a new update so we missed it


Our once beautiful planet

Now a haunted house

Children fall

Nightmares appear

Monsters remain hidden behind illusions

Because we see these monsters every day

Useful to apply makeup, to shave our faces

But we'll never acknowledge what's before us

The creatures that hid underneath our beds,

The ones lurking in the closet

Has two eyes, a mouth, a nose,

And is tweeting about how they didn't get an iPhone for Christmas



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