Indigene: YOWO


Love like tongue, touch the mouth lies, Speaking but not hearing words. Carry on with brick upon back… your life lost; to busy sticking fingers in mouth nosy. Your ears you make deaf; unclog and listen. Please protean conciseness, because I’m tired of sitting back watching this. I saw you slip in fall, now get back up. Undeceive clicks of the trigger; set back. Life is like a suicide attack; sometimes it’s hard to take crap. Indulging; yourself in fear, this is when indolence becomes clear. Unworthy to be worthy. Finger prints on my background like criminal; I murder word with my subliminal tongue. Slumping back synonyms falling from your face. Intelligence on my back heavy weight. Imposters to civilization; vanishing acts behind your back. Setting me up for mishaps. Only the hurt, hurt the people they love, walking away with hearts.  Think again; because I think smart. Stronger than I’ve ever been; I close my eyes and see myself after death. You assumed I drown float amongst the bottom. I’ve seen things beyond life, reading people through their eyes; I swear so many lies, so I go fishing for the truth, but you can’t help what you lose. Truth be truth, nothings ever here to stay. So I sit back and watch fate float away.

Brianna Ellis



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