Independent Love

And she

neglects me, reflects what I shall see

in the future

And she

she splashes the puddle

so I can decide what I’ll be

If only,

not only

to hurt me.

And my feet

raw, bubbling


to slide through the slush

are uncovering

my independence.

Cause I’m meddling

in what she

has not done.

But what GOOD

should she be to me?

Yeah she pushed

and shoved

With no glove, she gave love

to my father

Out the womb

she released me.

I fell from grace

And she said

“Get up with little help”

So I tread

through the mud and the sludge

And the tears that fell

to my boots,

they cleaned them.

My god, irony.

I did not know

what she gave me

A spine

to slouch

or keep straight

whichever way it went

she knew it was my place to choose

My mama gave me the biggest shove into the world

When I looked back, she said

“It’s yours.”

This poem is about: 
My family


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