Fri, 10/02/2015 - 13:12 -- ALICJRZ
I started to belive at the age of fifteen ,
That I was Independent.
I believed the earth was my clay, 
And I decided how to mold it.
I believed nothing could go wrong,
And the only person who I needed was,
Me. Myself, and I.
I turned and fell into what I tried to ignore for years,
I tried to perfect flaws and bad habits
I fell into the depths of my own self.
Me, Myself, and I, started a war with one another
I couldn't see, who I was, or who I believe I was.
Fifteen wasn't my independence, but I began to crawl towards independence.
At fifteen, what we look forward too, 
First love, going out, finding who you are.
My first scar began when I grew another year.
There was no first love to keep,
Going out caused arguments,
And finding who I was, Became my worst night mare.
I'd seen more caskets fall into my God's hands.
The names I once looked for in my need of helpled
were numbers scribbeled in my phone
I fell down when my own house hold began to weigh down
heavier each step it became when my world began to fall
I lost my family even when I was noticing
Never cried as much as I did on Decemeber 15th
Depending on my peers became a thing of the passt
Ever day of my fifteen years of age I met reality
People I thought I meant the world too, turned against me,
Ever Sunday, I'd sit in service and cry my tears known as pain killer
Numb was a feeling I felt for so long I believed was everlasting
Days felt slower, and with a hosue filled with seven people felt like none.
Eventually I had a wake up call
Now I follow the goal set infront of me
Crying did nothing, but I can do so much more
Every day, I am greatful for everthing I can be for.
I became Independent.  
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My family
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