As an anti-social pessimist,

life can be quite reckless.

Seeing the dark place in every place

can create a life of distress.

No everything's not perfect.

Anyone can count, on fingers and toes,

the reasons this is true,

but everything is awesome.

For families of every color, creed, and gender

are welcomed in this country we call mixed.

Yes, everything is awesome,

although it’s not all fixed.

During a time of brutality that could segrate a nation,

we have come together on the streets in flesh

and on the highways of media

shooting hashtags with meaning.

Identity is not a defining factor of a person.

Having a request is a vote away,

Grabbing a meal is a drive-thru wait.

Advancements have been made for the betterment of all.

Discrepancies are expected,

but now they are accepted.

Opinions are valued

disregarding the person’s outward (appearance).

Connections are made for life

with friends from YouTube and Skype.

Loneliness is a foreign emotion.

Log in to combat any feeling of depression.

An extended family awaits.

Standing with open arms to accept

the person sitting in the wake.

There is always someone here

to listen, to teach, to learn, to love.

The messenger is no longer an issue.

There is always someone to reach the soul.

There is a  feeling of admiration

that comes with this new connection

of people who genuinely care about

the well-being of another.

Volunteering time, donating money,

giving back, and feeding the homeless

are tasks that we take

to make the world a better place.


Indeed, everything is awesome.

Everything is awesome because we care.

Everything is awesome,

because you are awesome.

This poem is about: 
My country


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