Indecent Requests

A voluptuous girl at work made advances to me.
She repeatedly started erotic conversations.
And I firmly rejected her inappropriate suggestions.
I can’t disclose all the kinky things she told me,
But she was obviously living a debauched lifestyle.
She talked about her strange, sexual fantasies.
Karen never tried to conceal her promiscuity.
And I didn’t comply with her indecent requests.

I’ll make a confession before I go any further.
Honestly, sometimes I wished I could date a hottie,
But it didn’t happen until she started to woo me.
Even though her beauty was beyond compare,
She was a lecherous girl and she flaunted herself.
I wanted to have a love affair with a decent girl.
And I couldn’t put up with her immoral behaviour.

At first, I didn’t fully realise what she had in mind,
But I listened to her words and discovered her intention.
I had reasons to mistrust her professed love for me.
She asked me if I’d ever performed cunnilingus.
And she wanted me to tie her up and spank her.
I never had any qualms about improving my sex life,
But I couldn’t bring myself to engage in sexual perversion.

She was a seductive girl with a propensity for salacity.
I felt that she’d never marry a man and settle down;
On the contrary, she’s now a happy married woman.
She found a good household with loving in-laws,
But her hubby doesn’t know anything about her past.
I hope she didn’t take the rejection personally.
If any other minx had come on to me, I’d have said no.


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