The Incumbuncy of my Voice

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 23:13 -- Niasha4

When I speak does it sound, can you hear me?Is there a purpose to speaking?Are you listening,recieving my message in undderstanding.Evaluation,detonation of the truth and meaning.Empathize dont symphathize the undertonement of peoples lives.Look at me , are you watching,can you see me?Look into my eyes and revere me.Shut up, sit down all these distractions around.I need this time for me and you to sit reciprocate and be true.This confusion spreading like a contusion this myopic illusion enhancing the delusion of our rapid engagement.What is happening ,this is crazy playing with my mind in this way.Dont faze me or trace me into the indefinate unknown.That akward momentyurned into enlightenment.That small phase began the chapter of a new page while being in the sight of ot we are moving on to a new stage.Together hearts and eyes and ears we came as one from a world of tears with understanding and compassion in our hearts we communicate with ease like art as we delve into this deeper abstraction far from tension our relationship all we had to do was listen.


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