The Incident on the Plane

I saw a boy on a plane once,

He sat there an called me names familiar,

With dampened eyes and drooping face

I had to ask "why say those things?"

He said he had been taught them-

He said his parents and religion are right-

He told me I was going to hell

and like hell I would have to fight.

He promised to pursue my expulsion,

He said he would continue to try,

I said it was "just evolution,"

He told me I needed to die.

I looked with a didactic look

And began to say

"We fear what we do not understand

But you will learn today."

I told him my difference is bliss

And that it aids the world in change.

I told him I am human, just like him

and that "humans are not different in vain"-

He looked confused.

He turned away, and then back to me

I then looked in his eyes and knew

Like Dickinson said he could "see to see."

This poem is about: 
Our world


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