Inadhesive Bandage

Sun, 12/01/2013 - 01:55 -- cyaartl


Here we go..again.

So you loved me?

You cared so much

Ahh, what is life to you, huh?

A strategic game of chess or a mass collaboration of pure and utter bullshit?

The questions can run until my thoughts run weak.

At home, mobbing, sobbing, grunting.

What do you do, huh?

Not a damn thing.

You've pained me religiously. 

You've broken me graciously and have torn me blissfully. 

I grow. You shrink. Just enough to eat at my root of progression when I'm not looking.

Turning my dee, rich chocolate into a rosy, moist velvet red.

Causing my perfectly-structured integument to become a blade-drawn masterpiece. 

Even the cement that hold together the tallest building would appear to be an inadhesive bandage standing adjacent to my hurt.

I'll give you time to grown.

You havent learned anything. 


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