Inability to love

The girl who had no feelings shed a tear

Her head still high

Her pride so empowering

Everyone knew it was no good for her

But it saved her alas

Her fists clenched to mask the pain she experienced internally

And the blood stopped circulation around her knuckles

Her nails dug into her palm

It was subtle and brutal

He had no idea what he inflicted on this young soul

Her wild heart burned with passion at the thought of someone she could one day love

She could experience the feeling everyone kills themself over


It wasn't him who did this to her though

And comprehend this is no lie

It's the thought of hin

The thought of someone to show her a new world

And he shattered the faith that was beginning to grow

It was fragile broken glass

And needed only the tap of a finger

With the slightest of force

To break the once so beautiful crystal


No one can break her heart

Yet, detachment is what had her heartbroken

And she can only feel comfortable in isolation

Away from all the unwanted emotions

Away from anything deemed necessary

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