The big girl the root the big girl everyone saw as cute

the big girl with the tude that no dude thought was cool

   The power within took over the power of improvement

Life aint fun and games when you have to prove them.

 Me myself a fighter someone one could not enlighten.

No care in the world of the talking action but a care in the world with physical


Bullied so young toughned my beings no one else could lessen my feelings '

  Being the big girl lead to thoughts thoughts that would hurt the ones who 

cared if i acted upon them.

But i saw bigger and better for myself

so i did better for myself.

The eating, the thoughts in my mind, the sound of their voices. 


I began dancing, eating healthy, and excercised my mind

As i became stronger and created a path for myself and my future 

i was her that girl.

the slim girl the root the one everyone saw as cute

the big girl with the tude that any dude could admire 

because they know that this girl is on fire

i strut my stuff showing my average round figure

making sure my pearly whites show as i swirl my hair between my fingers.

Now i am a women with knowledge.

A women who has glo up and become someone much better. 

No longer am i that big girl with a bad temper.

I am the slim girl who has become the real Dasia Akeara Martin.



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