Imprisoned by Darkness

What can be defined as an arena void of light?
An absence of Knowledge?
Where you cannot fight
Against the circumstances that are difficult to acknowledge.
Could it be darkness?

Left in a box based on the pigmentation in your skin.
Forced to wear a metal collar.
Praying to God that one day you soon shall win
Against the situations that make you holler.
When will this end?

The white man forced his beliefs on us.
“Work, work, work” is all he said
“Do as you are told and do not put up a fuss,
Or to destruction you will soon be lead”
Is this truly what it means to be civilized?

Being Civil is respecting your fellow man.
Helping him with whatever you can.
Doing what is morally right.
Through the day and through the night.
In order to be truly free,
In order to live completely.
Climb out of the noisome mess!
There is no freedom in darkness.

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