Impressionist Writing

The abstract art of writing

Some with a rhyme and a rythym

Others with- no. beat at all




Here       or          there

It is a song without a tune

A painting of words

of imagination

of the things of dreams   

                                          and of nightmares

Of the things that are ugly and the things that bring us joy

Of logic and emotions

Of hate and love

It is us in words

Who we are

Poems are not written

They are born

Those who give birth to these beautiful creations

are people

They are people who try to sum up an idea in a few words or pages

They are people who capture a belief in something seeable

They are people who turn a feeling into a wave that washes over many

For some it rolls off of their fingers

Others have to bang their head on a rock

But they are people none the less

So take a few powm

Breathe them in

Read them

and enjoy

the abstract art of writing

the songs without tunes

the paintings of words


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