You ask me what is important to me

and I can list a thousand things:

my family

my education

my friends

my love

but what means the most to me?

The will to live.

Even if it means i never own a house

or never become famous,

even if no one even knows my name,

I want to live.

To travel the world,

to see the wilds of this Earth,

to learn all there is to know,

whether its psychology, math, or astrology;

aeronautics, biology, or even business.

music theory and literature.

I want to do what makes me happy,

like photography, or culinary, or music,

because Jefferson said our most basic rights

are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,

and I cannot be satisfied without all three

because to be happy, I must give up the riches

that everyone seems to be chasing after

and live life freely.

Free life is happiness,

and I will not give up my freedom for money or fame

because happiness means more than owning this world ever could.


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