Importance of Poetry: iPhone

“Don’t be the one who holds yourself back.

Because you’re addicted to the screen.

Find a way to pick up the slack

And stop Snapchatting everything.”

An inspiration quote you type into your phone.


Then you use binge-watching to distract.

Always thinking about the next scene.

Never allowing the real world to sidetrack

From the ridiculous TV turning your body green.

On to the next episode—stay in the zone.


Your sensitivity begins to lack

Through the animosities of the mean.

Ignoring intellectual feedback

And all contradictions in between.

For your generation, this is very prone.


Social media is your next knack.

Occupied by every American teen.

Considered to be this generation’s plaque.

Deliberate who truly is the next Twitter queen.

It’s the closest thing to a conversation you’ve ever known.


Authentic relationships are complete jack.

Haven’t really connected with someone since fifteen.

Perhaps this is nature’s payback

For all the negativity your feed has seen.

Not so happy when you are on your own.


What happens when your screen goes black?

Yeah? It’s pretty useless without its special sheen.

But honestly, I can’t wait to see that panic attack.

So far you’ve accepted this lesson with much glean.

When will you allow your mind to be alone?

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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