Imperial Affliction


United States
34° 9' 39.42" N, 91° 53' 25.3968" W

The dais of the house is doing nothing but helping it stand,

One little brandish will tear the abode down to a bloody pulp,

Just like my family;

The only thing holding us together is my great grandma,

The only reason why my family comes around,

The reason why they are still here at my house carrying on and screaming,

Going out and doing nothing but drinking.


We tried and tried to fix the house,


The family,

We broke down,

Caught fire,

Stuck in hell,

Broken and scratched.


The fire will never go out;

Not until she dies,

Not until her money is gone,


Spent and taken to her damn grave.

Damned the souls of my family.


Take me to hell and back!

Leave me with scratches on my back,

I don’t care!

Don’t touch her!

Leave her and I be…


She was my Key

To my house

When I forgot it at home

She was always there


Now she doesn’t even know my name,

Or how to speak.


But what day will be the last log in the fireplace?

The last spark,

Who knows?

All is I know is I am alone.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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