Wed, 12/03/2014 - 13:09 -- Eharris


I will live forever. 

Though the remnants slowly disappear. 

Seared in society's subconscious. 

This grand ship, once full of life 

now filled with souls. 

The cold is gone and all is quiet 

different from the stabbing pain of the dark mysterious depths. 

Here lies my watery grave, 

April 15. 1912. 

Ghoulish winds and biting frost, a fitting setting. 

I shall live forever 

through the stories and the lure. 

A modern tragedy of hubris 

rivaling the Greeks, 

mystifying and dispensing grief. 

Time is suspended on the ocean floor. 

My body is gone, but my story remains, 

etched in history. 

I will live forever. 

Immortal on my ship of dreams. 






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